Our Offering

Intelligent chatbots that fully automate the customer journey, from first contact through sales and customer retention

Turnkey chatbots that converse with users in natural language

We develop chatbots using our own proprietary natural language processing engine. Ensuring the most optimal conversation flow and best outcome for your users.

Personalized conversation flow in your brand’s personality and tone

Elevate your user’s experience by integrating your brand’s character, personality, or tone. Chatbot personalization enables your brand to maintain your brand’s consistency and increases your brand perception and loyalty.

A self-service real-time analytics insights dashboard

Never miss a beat with our advanced analytics insights dashboard. Our analytics dashboard gives you real-time stats on your chatbot's performance that you can access at any time.

Proactive user re-engagement (broadcast) capabilities

Re-engage with users by leveraging imperson’s broadcast capabilities. Leveraging the data that you have already collected on your users, easily broadcast new promotions, event invites and more.

Fully managed, highly scalable cloud deployment with guaranteed SLA

Our chatbots are “turnkey” which means they are fully developed and managed by our customer success team. Our service is backed by a guaranteed service level agreement to ensure our chatbots exceed our clients expectations.

Our award-winning team drives the implementation from concept to optimization

Our team will be with you each step of the way. We will drive the bot implementation process from the initial concept and design to deployment and optimization, we are a trusted business partner throughout the life of your chatbot.

Our Process


Using state-of-the-art proprietary conversational technology we develop the ultimate chatbot experience.


Our hosted chatbots enable brands to easily deploy across their preferred channels.


We monitor your chatbots performance in real-time and provide feedback to our partners.


Lastly, we optimize your chatbots performance and ensure your chatbot is meeting its goals.

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